Welcome to Indigo Star Concepts Inc.

At Indigo Star Concepts Inc., we specialize in building unique promotion and marketing programs for a variety of consumer based products and services. Our programs are geared to reach customers direct to increase interaction and raise awareness around the products and companies we represent. We have successfully built large customer bases for clients looking for fast passed growth. Our track record for accelerated market growth has earned us the opportunity to serve some of the largest resellers and retailers in the nation. Our model is scalable and flexible to meet any campaign goals. With precision planning and collaboration, our approach is innovative and adaptive to fit changing market trends, allowing us to consistently hit the mark with great efficiency.

  • What Does Indigo Star Concepts Inc. Bring to the Table?

    By specializing in direct forms of marketing, Indigo Star Concepts Inc. consistently takes brands to the next level.
  • The Impact of Our Work on Clients

    Listening to our clients’ objectives, we create a customized approach to their representation. This ensures they are visible to the right audience, netting returns that show positive results.
  • Why does our approach work?

    Our unique channels of advertising are highly successful because we blend expert planning and professional execution. What results is lasting brand loyalty and a high return on investment for our clients

Indigo Star Concepts Looks Productivity in a New Way!

Time management isn’t the best way to get things done? How can this be? It seems that for our whole lives we are told that time management is the best trait to master and without it we would be lost. Usually we like to feature interesting articles but today we’ve...

Indigo Star Concepts Takes Advice from Past Successful Leaders

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Indigo Star Concepts Recently Held Pie in the Eye Competition!

Indigo Star Concepts held a competition in the office for who can produce the best client results. There were winner and there were not-so winner. Check out the photo of our amazing teammates getting a pie in the eye!